3 Reasons Your Kefalonia Island Is Broken (And How To Fix It)

Taking a holiday among the islands of Greece stimulates the traveler's imagination. With a multi-layered history that reaches back millenia, Cephalonia is an island offering a range of activities-- from scenic views to gorgeous beaches to interesting caves. Let's see some of it's must-see treasures ...

Antisamos Beach

Green hills and lush plants surround the turquoise waters of this white-sand beach. Boil down to unwind in the sun or under the vibrant umbrellas after swimming in the warmth of the Mediterranean. Antisamos Beach is close to the little town of Sami, so there are also a lot of locations to consume and discover beverage after a day by the coast.

Boat Tours

On a fair day, when the water is clear and blue and the weather is good (basically everyday here!), taking a spin around the island on a boat is unbeatable. Cephalonia has numerous coves, inlets, and secluded beaches simply waiting to be explored. Either by cruising or motor boat, travel somewhere out of the method for some swimming and a barbecue away from the crowds. There are different trips to choose from, consisting of glass-bottomed boat tours, or town stop trips.

Assos Village

Not far from Argostoli, Assos is a quaint and little town situated on a peninsula overlooked by the ruins of a Venetian Castle from the 16th century. Considering that the town is best on the coast, visitors can experience the warm and seafaring environment typical of the Ionian islands. Have a look at the narrow alleys and colorful traditional architecture of your houses, or head down to one of the numerous pebbly beaches and enjoy the utter privacy. Visitors will find lots of white and pink flowers, gorgeous churches, and a path through the forest that leads up to the castle.

Assos Peninsula

Called after Cephalonia's really own patron saint, Saint Gerasimos, this abbey is reconstructed from the initial, integrated in 1560. The monastery is extensive and very remarkable and sits underneath Mount Ainos, near the towns of Falgrata and Valsamata. Because of the saint's legendary history of treating many people with mental disorders, this is now a location where thousands of individuals come on expedition. Here, visitors can see the tomb of Saint Gerasimos along with his 2 cave-like quarters located underneath the monastery.

Ancient Castle

It would not be a true see to Greece without a trip to some historical sites on the island. Among Cephalonia's the majority of impressive is the ancient acropolis archaeological site located in Sami, a town which used to be heavily strengthened. Initially a city-state featuring its own coinage and making appearances in the pillars of Greek literature, such as Homer's Iliad, the site finally fell under Roman siege. Under its brand-new masters, the town thrived as a port, and archaeologists have found many luxurious houses and public buildings from this time duration.


There are numerous worthwhile and interesting caverns to check out on the island of Cephalonia, consisting of Melissani Cavern and Drogarati Cavern. Found close to Sami, it is not unexpected that Melissani Cavern has a history tied to the ancient acropolis. Around the blue lake found within the cave, which lights up dazzlingly every day at a particular times, archaeologists have discovered pots and boat pieces that connect into a misconception worrying the nymph, Melissanthi. On the other hand, Drogarati Cavern is a work of natural marvel, providing impressive views of rock developments in a continuously changing environment.

Myrtos Beach

Renowned around the world as one of the very best beaches in Greece and on earth as a whole, Myrtos offers both the blue seas of the Mediterranean and the verdant hills of Cephalonia in one. The crescent-shaped beach is extremely tidy and framed by white cliffs that are topped with dense forest plant life and scrub. The amazing and spectacular views draw lots of people to take a trip to this fantastic beach and stay up until the vibrant sundowns that enhance the remarkable views here.

Argostoli Archaeology Museum

For a check out the island's past, drop in the Argostoli Archaeology Museum. The exhibition homes local artefacts that archaeologists have unearthed all around the island. Since Cephalonia has such a rich history, visitors will be able to see everything from antiques relating to Sami's time as a city-state in ancient Greece to the years argostoli kefalonia of Roman profession. Going to the museum is a good method to supplement a tour of Melissani Cavern or a visit to the ancient acropolis of Sami.


A rocky shoreline and fairly safe waters makes Cephalonia one of the best islands in Greece for diving. Numerous diving centers are located around the island such as Aquatic World and Fiskardo Divers, where tourists can get trained and worn for an exploration of the Ionian Sea. Popular Check out the post right here dives include the Temple Collapse Fiscardo, heaven Canyon in Lassi, the Catacombs and the shipwreck of the World War II Italian Ardena.


Although there are a variety of fantastic villages all around Cephalonia simply waiting to be discovered, Fiscardo is really superior. sami kefalonia One of the couple of villages left unblemished by earthquakes, this fishing town has many walks right on the water that grant visitors an incredible view of the nearby island of Ithaca. In addition, the pathways of Fiscardo are occupied with a varied collection of stores, pubs and beautiful Byzantine churches to boot.

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