How To Explain Where To Stay In Corfu To Your Mom

If you are in the market for holiday destination ideas, there is a treasure to be found amongst the Ionian Islands. The island of Corfu (known in Modern Greek as Kerkyra) has 217 kilometers (135 mi) of coastline including some of the best beaches in the entire world. With a warm Mediterranean climate and well as over 3 million olive trees, it is an added benefit for vacationers and locals alike that the average amount of sunshine per day in Corfu lingers around 8.5 hours adding up to about 3000 hours per year. Also, the beaches in the north tend to be rocky and pebbly while the south holds most of the smooth sand beaches. For those travelers brave and fit enough to find the idea of exploring the whole island on foot exciting, the Corfu Trail will come in handy in that regard. This 222km footpath has good signage and stretches the full length of the island. Two natural destinations that definitely deserve a visit along the way are Mt. Pantokrator (the island's largest mountain) in the north and Korission Lake in the south.

The east side of the island which faces Albania has gentle slopes down to the beach-filled coastline while the western side of Corfu is steep with dramatic sea views, swimming coves and beaches. The interior of the island is lush and green with many villages that operate in much the same fashion as they have for centuries. Traditional corfu all inclusive hotels Corfu cuisine has maintained its Italian influence through the centuries since the island fell under Venetian rule in the 14th century but avoided being conquered by the Ottoman Empire altogether. In the more developed areas, diverse Greek, Venetian, French and British architecture abounds as well as archeological sites which are guaranteed to fascinate and inspire. There is even an entire museum dedicated to archaeology aptly named the Archeological Museum and it is located in close proximity to the Corfu Palace Hotel.

The island of Corfu has been inspiring artists and writers and even its temporary conquerors for hundreds if not thousands of years, Shakespeare being one of them. It is said that the island of Corfu served as his inspiration for the magical kingdom in The Tempest. The diversity of experiences that this island offers must be part of its international reputation for inspiration. With its unspoiled beaches, quaint villages, and cosmopolitan yet historical old town, Corfu contains the ingredients for a holiday filled with diverse experiences many of which cannot be experienced in quite the same way anywhere else in the world.

Corfu is the second largest Ionian Island, and is off the coast of Greece. The northern area is close to the coast of Albania. The main town on the island shares the same name corfu town greece as the island itself, and is a good place that can be visited on Corfu. paradise beach corfu Connected with a lot of Greek Mythology, one thing that you can do on Corfu is go in search of things related to this. However, the sites that are all around the island can be traced to many different eras, and the architecture can be a lovely thing to have a look at as a break from a typical beach holiday.

Corfu Town itself is on the east of the island of Corfu, and is worth a visit so you can look at a few attractions there. The Corfu Saint Spyridon Church is dedicated to the patron saint of the island, who is said to be responsible for several major turning points in Corfu history, such as recovery from famine, and the driving out of Turkish occupation from this Greek province. The Corfu Archaeological Museum is in the town too, and shows you many of the older finds from the island. See, for example, items which have been picked up from ancient Cassiopeia.

The Corfu Fortress of Saint Mark is near the Old Harbour and was vital for protecting the town against invasions when it used to be at risk. There is a lot of detail here, as galleries and so on were formed perfectly, to make sure corfu travel there was a good defense system.

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